Welcome to Tarians, home of simplified and integrated technologies!

At Tarians   we believe in simplicity when it comes to apply new technologies in your business. Simplicity is at the heart of every product and service we design.

We take great pride in our work, and take great care to deliver technology solutions that make sense. 

At Tarians we know that each business, just like individuals who built that business, are unique and exceptional. Working with great many businesses we have developed matured and seasoned software solutions, which are easily customizable to your specific needs.

Over the past 18 years we have been working on many different platform such as Linux, Windows, Mac and iOS to build products that are “Platform-Independent” and by doing so we are , in fact , offering freedom of choice when it comes to choose the right product for you company.

Our services include:

  1. Web site and eCommerce site design and development.
  2. Custom software engineering, design and development.
  3. Payment processing integration for web and desktop applications.
  4. Point of Sale software Consultation for restaurants, retails, salons, medical clinics and more.
  5. Point of Sale hardware, all-in-one touch screen systems, thermal and impact printers, card readers and more.
  6. Payment processing consultation, payment security, chip and EMV processing.

Today we released Gift Card Smart 4.5. A new bundle version (Software, Tablet and Card reader) is now available to order.